Suggested Pairing: Coffee & Crossword

I wrote two drafts for SLAW this month. I wrote and rewrote a piece on the pros and cons of committee work. I wrote and rewrote a piece on tips for tracing legislative histories. Both of these may be shared in the future, but as I was writing I realized I was feeling burnt out after a great, but incredibly busy academic year. All I wanted to do was have a coffee and complete the daily wordle puzzle.

So, if you are feeling burnt out, having a hard time focusing, or just want to take a quick break, my gift to you is this crossword puzzle. Please be assured that this is not a New York Times level crossword. The broad theme of the puzzle is law and it pairs nicely with a good cup of coffee.

*If you click “check” answers, you won’t be able to continue working on the puzzle. You’ll lose your progress and have to refresh your browser.



  1. Nice to put my brain to a different use!

  2. Melanie Bueckert

    This was super fun. Please do another one! Would love to see this become a regular Slaw feature :)

  3. That was great, thank you!