Writely Purchased by Google

The application we used to collaboratively put together the Rothstein Pages, Writely, has now been acquired by Google. Am I disappointed? Sure–is there any web-based application I use that Google doesn’t wind up purchasing? Am I surprised? No, not really. While Writely isn’t (yet) perfect, it is a fabulous tool and I have been using it for a wide range of projects, both individually and collaboratively.

Now, all I need is to develop a great little app that Google will quickly snap up….


  1. The larger question is whether Google is now assembling a suite of products that effectively become its answer to Microsoft Office – see http://blogs.zdnet.com/web2explorer/index.php?p=137

  2. Or for the calendar: Kiko.

  3. Also, Connie, be sure to hang on to your Writely account, because it seems that Google has closed the door to further free accounts and there’s now a waiting list.

  4. Whoa! I wonder if I can still invite people in as collaborators? If there is someone who would like to receive an invitation so we can check, let me know.

    One thing that really inpressed me with this product was the customer service. If I was having a problem, I would send in a message and often have someone (I think one of the owners) respond within the hour. And they were usually quite helpful, following up to make sure I got things working. I wonder if that commitment to the customer will be maintained??

  5. I’d appreciate an invite, Connie, if you are still looking to send one out.

  6. BTW if anyone wants a Googlemail account, please let me know. I’ve a hundred invitations left

  7. The system has now restricted me to inviting in 5 people to collaborate with me (Mr. Lines being one). I don’t know if those people are restricted from creating their own documents or inviting in other collaborators…

    I just checked my account set up, and I should be receiving news and notices from Writely; however, they have sent no notice out to us telling us any of these changes. I only noticed them since I have been using the product.

  8. If you have any more invites, I would love one.

    I have a gmail account with the handle hwang.john

  9. Please send me an invite for writely as well.. my email is yexinchen@gmail.com That would really make life more enjoyable. Thanks!!

  10. Hey Connie,
    I’m with you about Writely. I just found out about it last month. I checked out then, bookmarked it, and then went to sign up a couple days ago.

    Lo and behold the Google machine had struck:(

    If you have any invites left, I’d be so incredibly grateful for one. My girlfriends and I are all fiction writers, and we wanted to use the program to collaborate on our manuscripts.

    kellistandish @ gmail.com

  11. Folks, Writely isn’t open by invitation, like Gmail. Getting on the waitlist is the only way.

    In the meantime check out http://www.writeboard.com It’s not a wysiwyg editor, but it’s easy to use and does the job for most of what you might want a web based editor to do. You can share docs, get notified, and you’ve got all the versions saved, when there are revisions.

  12. Another interesting option, AJAX driven:

  13. Hi there, could someone of your team members send me a writely invitation. I use google spreadsheet already and will send anyone (within limits) an invite. (mail me some adresses) I’d love to check out writely.
    Thx a lot.