Google Coop!

I just finished playing with Google Coop which features a new Custom Search Engine (CSE) — it’s similar to Rollyo, with a couple of new additions. Here’s the TechCrunch post where I found it, and also check out the Google Documentation & FAQ.

From my initial tour, the two big differences that I could see were:

  1. The removal of the 25 site Rollyo limit. Looks like Google Coop will let you include “as many sites as you want”.
  2. No limit on the addition of advertising code such as Adsense, which will put some more pennies in the Google coffers. It also might inspire some web developers to create mini-Google’s for niche topics, and offer some segmentation of the web.

The obvious use for this will be a brandable site-wide search option for individual websites. And the second big one, will be the creation of custom search engines, like this… the new Slaw Bloggers Search, featuring and all of our contributor’s individual blogs… Whew!! I gotta rest, that must have been a good 6.5 minutes of hard cut’n & past’n!! :-)


  1. Whoa! That is cool, Steve! No more running from blog to blog trying to find that post I once saw.

    I’m thinking this would be good for creating subject-specific search engines, searching key tools in a specific practice area.

    Or for a conference, allowing for searching of all participating bloggers’ blogs at once.

    Among other things.

  2. Darn you, Steve! You beat me to blogging about this!

  3. I haven’t been this impressed with Google, well, since Google Search! I can see a ton of applications too, and the number of vertical search engines on the web is about to skyrocket. The funny thing is, I didn’t think Google share prices could go any higher… I’m second thinking that now.

    The idea that I can pick 50 or 2500 authoritative sites on a topic, as well as cherry pick articles, etc, blows the whole concept of search out of the water. I don’t think many people have clued into how big this is going to be yet. Google + Librarians may just = real value!

  4. Yes. Build us some more, Steve!

    Bwa-ha-ha!! ;-)

  5. Great, Steve. You beat me to it, too. I also think this is big. I did way back when Rollyo came out — wanted us to do up a Slaw top 25 for Canadian legal research, but no takers then. I think we could pitch in here to set up a number of really interesting search tools. Let us know if you want suggestions for a particular search engine.

  6. I think I hate google now….they really are not the cute startup we all would like to think. I have noticed lots of folks are getting sick of them stifeling or buying true innovators. Google – Its all about the money and control now.

  7. Oh, they are definitely out to rule the world. No doubt about it. Why else would they want all those blogs via blogger and all that email via gmail and all those videos via YouTube? Next they will be on our own desktops…too late! Google Desktop!

  8. They are definitely out-eviling, the evil empire. But the nature of the beast is that some young skywalker will come along and usurp them as well. Until then we can look for our 1984- reall life concordance.

  9. I don’t think you have to hate them (ok, once in a while…), but viewing them with a critical eye is a must. I don’t think they do a good job at blogs, RSS readers, email, discussions, photos, mobile, shopping, or auctions, but I WILL use their search products, news and maps.

    Like it or not, they are one of five or six companies that can offer the ‘carrot on a string’ (of the ‘home run’ variety…) for all those new web startups. The internet economy, and web innovation generally, wouldn’t be much without them.

  10. I certainly don’t hate them or their products, just like I don’t hate Microsoft (…..). I couldn’t agree with you more, Steve, I will most definitely continue Google-ing in all its shapes, sizes and variations . I simply question the motivation of wanting to control everything. (Does anybody know how to put an A in a circle with your keyboard?) But like I said, that is impossible to do, case in point is Microsoft. There once was a time when we thought that Microsoft had their fist tightly clinched on everything computer and that has proven to be untrue. There will always be that new innovation coming out of someone’s basement or another couple of college students that come up with something new. But I still reserve the right to throw the term “evil empire” out there. Perhaps it is my irreverant nature. :)

  11. Can you say: “data mining intelligence to sell to the U.S. government”?

    Shhh…they’re listening right now!