Welcome to the Court

A warm welcome to a new blog by Osgoode faculty and select students on Supreme Court hearings/decisions. Looks like it is attempting to duplicate the excellent USSC blog.

As Patrick Monahan puts it:

Welcome to The Court, Osgoode’s newest publication.

Osgoode has an unsurpassed record of scholarship and the Law Journal continues to publish research of the highest quality. But since the advent of the internet we are not limited to publishing in print: we can offer nimbler and more timely research online, and we can reach a wider audience more quickly. The Court will provide just such scholarship and, we anticipate, spark lively conversations and productive ideas.

Our subject is the recent and upcoming work of the Supreme Court of Canada — which is to say most of the difficult current issues in law and policy. The Court will provide information, critique, valuable resources and the opportunity to engage in debate about our highest tribunal and the case law that it makes.

The Court is based in our faculty and will draw much of its content from faculty members and student editors here. But The Court will also reach out to seek commentary from scholars, practitioners and other interested citizens across the country — and, indeed, from around the world.

So I extend to you a warm welcome and an invitation to explore the riches of the site and to join us in creating a national conversation about our law.

Patrick Monahan

And thanks to my colleague Jon Smithen for the lead.

Dean Monahan


  1. I’m sold. Well designed and great content. Fills a big gap for Canadian law bloggers.

  2. Aw shucks, folks, I’m blushing. This is the project that I’ve been beating my brains out on for 6 months now. And I’m happy, relieved, and proud that it’s up and running. I’ll be piloting the thing till the end of April, and there’s lots more to do to make it as good as I’d like. But I’ll have some time now to pay attention to Slaw and consider what changes and initiatives we should work on.

  3. My congratulations to all involved.

  4. It’s beautiful, Simon F.! One of the nicest blog/web designs I’ve seen. Some great ideas for content, too. Congratulations. A great contribution not only to the blogosphere, but also to the Canadian legal community. Kudos to you and the students contributing.


  5. Excellente idée!! Effectivement, cela manquait dans le paysage jurisprudentielle canadien. Il ne reste plus qu’à souhaiter que les juges ou leurs clercs commentent les billets… ou alors que la Grey Lit qui en émerge soit reprise par le plus haut tribunal!! Félicitations pour cette superbe initiative!

  6. Just saw the explanation on The Court for the change in the graphic. Some might assume that the column chosen was the middle of 5.