Video Killed the Text Star?

The U.S. Supreme court made an historic first a few months ago posting video footage on the Internet to go along with the opinion in the case, Scott v. Harris. (Alternatively visit the site here and see Scott v. Harris on April 30.) The particulars of the case are a police chase which resulted in the pursued being severely injured and suing the police. The chase was caught on video and the U.S.S.C. posted the video along with the opinion. One of the interesting aspects from the posting of this video is that, when posted it was viewed so widely, that it apparently caused the Supreme Court site to crash.

With apologies to the Buggles:
“I read you in the SC reports back in Eighty Two
Lying awake intent at reading all through you.
If I was young it didn’t stop you coming through.”
Oh-a oh
You were the first one.
Oh-a oh
You were the last one….


  1. Vincent "Vinny" Setala

    This response is directed toward police chases in general.

    With all the technology we have available, geosynchronous satellites, EPIC and FLIR imagery, encrypted radio transmissions and the like, high-speed chases are a totally unnecessary thing of the past.

    We can capture images of the suspect vehicle’s license numbers, enhanced imagery of the driver and any dents, dings and other positively identifying marks to the vehicle, and unless the alleged perpetrator has developed some type of infinite fuel supply to that vehicle, they ARE going to have to stop for gas. A squared 2X2 change-off standard surveillance operation coupled with the above high-tech imagery means that we can simply follow the suspect vehicle until it requires fuel and when it pulls in for gas, swoop.

    This action movie style high speed chasing of vehicles puts innocent persons at risk of life and limb for absolutely no reason. What appears to make this of no concern to the police or our law-makers is simply the fact that if any person is injured or killed, by law it is the fleeing suspects legal responsibility, thereby allowing any and all thrill-seeking over-zealous person with a badge to completely ignore all the technology we have and “Yee-Haw! Put the Pedal to the metal!”

    Whatever happened to the courage American citizens were known for? When and how did we become a nation of complacent non-thinking sheep?

  2. Vincent "Vinny" Setala

    I would just like to add that I know this is a Canadian site, and my comment about American citizens historically being known for their courage and independence was not meant to disparage Canadians in the least.

    In fact, my grandfather was from Peace River, Alberta and literally packed a mule and walked to Creed, Colorado to propose to and marry my grandmother. Sadly, they are gone now, but I have loved Canada and it’s people from all the stories my grampa told me. He was a private gold miner, and later became one of the top demolition experts in the world, heading up the demolition that re-routed an entire river 32 miles under a mountain to bring water and electricity to the people of Bogata, Columbia.

    So, thank you for allowing me to post this here.