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Here’s a current sampling, including information about Sony’s newest electronic book reader. I’ll consider an “EBR” when I can purchase one that smells like an old book in some antiquarian shop in some street with too long a name in Wales. Well … not really. I’ll compromise at Atticus Books so that I can feed the mind within a short walk of the Harbord Bakery. Mens sane in corpore sane, right?

Sony’s new PRS-505 Reader is available in silver and dark blue and retains a $300 price tag.

(Credit: Sony)

Read Crave’s review here

“Rumors have been circulating that Sony was about to release the second edition of its electronic book reader–and now it’s official. Sony’s new Reader Digital Book, the PRS-505”

And, from the home of one of the other “evil empires”

Zune 2.0 – Microsoft’s new MP3 line, as shown on Crave complete with a link to MS’s slideshow


“Microsoft has officially revealed its plans for new 4GB, 8GB, and 80GB Zune MP3 players The new players are expected out in November, priced at $149, $199, and $249, respectively.”


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  3. OK, I forgot. I was misled by the pretty pictures. But you didn’t mention Atticus Books or Harbord Bakery, both of which are always worth mentioning even if one has to concoct a reason.

  4. Of course the question remains, is the Sony reader really sexier than a librarian?

    Sexier than a librarian? (How can that be?!?)

    Sexier than a librarian – Anyone boycotting?

  5. The Sony reader is sexier than a librarian?

    My apologies to the profession. Someone at Sony obviously caught a gander at my knees during a beach visit this past summer. Seems a shame that I’m taking down the entire profession because of one instance of bad judgment.