Legal Post Docket Emerges

Announced yesterday, a new Canadian law blog is now available via the Financial Post blog community called Legal Post Docket. After blogging for a couple months behind closed doors, it *looks* like the wrapping was taken off yesterday morning (Oct. 10th). Not sure on that…. perhaps someone from LPD can chime in with an answer? Also a test to see if they’re following other Canadian legal blogs like Slaw. Timer starts now! ;-)

Most of the entries are from Jim Middlemiss, formerly connected with both Law Times and Canadian Lawyer, and two other notable Canadian legal writers Julius Melnitzer and Daryl-lynn Carlson. At least that’s what I could glean from the first two pages of posts.

It’s great to have the bigger Canadian publishers finally buy into the blogging movement. However, now the question arises … Will they get blogging? or will they simply treat it as another outlet for their most recent news stories? If they’re serious about this, I’d really like to see an expanded blogroll (hint – lots of possibilites), some author profiles & photos, and perhaps an ‘about us’ page to define what the coverage will be. Would also be nice to see the authors listening to other Canadian law blogs, citing and linking back where appropriate.

Personally, I’m a big supporter of *anyone* who contributes to the Canadian law blog community. As a group, we put in a lot of time and produce valuable commentary. So I offer a big congratulations and best of luck to Legal Post Docket! I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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