A Child’s Review of the XO Laptop

Those who are interested in the XO laptop (the One Laptop Per Child machine) – including those of us who have bought/donated for our (or others’) children (or ourselves) – may be interested in this little piece on the BBC News Technology page. The correspondent presents a review by his nine-year old son, apparently the first British child to use the XO. I found it quite exciting to read how quickly the child interacted with children overseas already using the XO. From that page, one can also watch a 30-odd minute video of the child’s review. (I watched only a few seconds, but I might take a longer look later to see the little machine in action.)

Some of the links over to the right side of that page also make for interesting reading. There is coverage of the – I suppose, inevitable but still wearying – political discussion that has arisen.

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