My New Twitter Tool – a Monday Fillip?

With Simon F being in Spain and all, it seems we fell down a bit on one of our regular editorial items – the Friday Fillip.

While I won’t even try to fill Simon’s shoes, I would like to offer up my latest web-experiment as a Monday pseudo-fillip:… A site showing the most recent twitter entries from individuals connected to the legal industry; around 150-ish at last count. If you’ve heard of twitter, and want to see what the service looks like without the investment, I’d encourage you to check it out.

Also related & potentially helpful are my recently posts on the rationale for the site, and the marketing benefits of twitter.

Finally, I’d also point like to out that the Slaw community is very lucky to our very own twitter maven Connie Crosby blazing a trail for us. With over one thousand followers, and more than six thousands entries, her reach is likely more dominant than anyone in the legal community. Certainly in Canada, and likely worldwide. Way to go, Connie!

If there are other twitter users in the crowd, please use the comments to chime in!


  1. I’m an on and off tweeter @dominicjaar. In fact, I am more a follower than a leader on Tweeter. Some day, the quality of content I get from the twits is better than my RSS feeds! I find Tweeter particularly useful in conferences.

  2. When no one has any time to blog? :)

  3. My list of followers has developed organically over a more than a year. I do not follow everyone who follows me, but pretty close. Listening to so many voices has its challenges, and I expect the nature of what I post has changed over time. But, I have a mix of personal and professional posts (or tweets) in the same twitter feed.

    The feedback I get is that people outside of Toronto like to hear about what is happening day to day here (especially for those who have lived or visited this city).

    I approach it like a stream of conversation (or, for me more like a river!), and dip my toe in periodically. I don’t try to read everything. Many I follow are people I have met and some who are good friends, so it is nice to stay so connected, above and beyond what we could do with email.

    It has been a fantastic resource as I can seek advice from the crowd, and the groups I am connected with are quick to support and promote one another’s work. And, people like me who are self-employed are finding it a source of work as well.

    It is not the answer for everyone, but definitely worth considering.