I Expected So Much More…

♫ All I know is I expected so much more
I don’t know what to say…♫

Words and Music by Graham Greer, recorded by the Barstool Prophets.

On Monday, The Right Honourable Joseph Jacques Jean Chretien QC gave the breakfast speech to open the Canadian Bar Association’s Canadian Legal Conference in Quebec City. I was looking forward to a distinguished speech by one of Canada’s foremost politicians and lawyers on something like the Rule of Law, the Charter or the like. Unfortunately, very quickly into his speech he could not resist making a few jibes at his old nemises, Allan Fotheringham, referring to a time in the past when he mispronounced his name one day as Allan F**keringham (substitute UC for the **’s). I know that our ex-Prime Minister has a speech impediment that we all should respect, since: “but for the grace of God, goes I”. But I was appalled as our ex-Prime Minister then repeated the phrase several times, in front of a packed breakfast gathering – standing room only – of hundreds of lawyers and the media. Of all the messages and jokes he could have made, I am left shaking my head at the choice of this one. I am not sure of the rest of his message…I have to admit that I didn’t want to hear anything more at this point.

At a time when there are calls for increased civility amongst lawyers I was hoping for an example of leadership and statesmanship from our ex-Prime Minister. I left appalled. All I know is I expected so much more….

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