JD Supra – Sharing Documents With RSS and Widgets

Steve Matthews frequently teaches us about using RSS feeds and how to repurpose them for different uses. I like this example: last week JD Supra announced all documents are now available for redistribution using RSS feeds and widgets. If you are a member of JD Supra, you can re-purpose your own documents using these tools. Whether you are a member or not, you can also pull specific types of documents (hot documents, law practice articles, legal alerts and newsletters) or specific subjects (currently commercial, environment and energy, and technology law) onto your blog, website, or intranet page.

For an example, I have put a widget showing just my own documents onto my Crosby Consulting Connection blog and I see Steve Matthews has one on his Vancouver Law Librarian Blog (scroll down a bit to see his on the right side). There are additional examples in this JD Supra notice.

On the JD Scoop blog, some of Adrian Lurssen’s explanation:

1. You Can Promote Your Work Anywhere
Now, you can distribute the documents you publish on JD Supra on any other web site, blog, social network, or start page.

2. You Can Share Your Work With a Targeted Audience (Again & Again)
We’ve also made it possible for any web publisher to grab subject-based feeds of JD Supra documents and include them wherever they choose. With each new feed installation your work is promoted in front of an extraordinarily targeted audience.

I especially like that you don’t necessarily have to be a member of JD Supra to get benefit. Pick the content you want for your site and you can quickly add it in.

Full disclosure: I work with Steve Matthews and JD Supra is a client of his consultancy Stem Legal.

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