NY Times Article Skimmer

The New York Times has introduced a trial way of reading the paper on line. The “article skimmer,” supposedly based on the way that people spread out the paper on a Sunday brunch table, displays thumbnails of articles in a grid formation, allowing you to skim over the material easily. The image below shows a portion of the Technology section, and can be enlarged by clicking on it.


  1. Looks great. Would be great with a nice touch-sensitive screen. The only problem is that instead of going to a new page it should just expand and contract the story for easier browsing between stories. Currently you have to preses “back” on the browser to get back into it.

  2. You’re right, Ahsan: I just checked it on my iPhone and it is a better way to do things there. And, yes, they should get the AJAX goodness to extend to expand/collapse in the way you suggest.

  3. It looks like they are trying to copy http://www.newser.com/. I think Newser’s interface is easier to read, too.