I’m not a big fan of receiving press releases, and am likely gluing a bulls eye on my back by writing this post, however… an interesting item did drop into my inbox this morning. McGraw-Hill Ryerson has launched a new website called to help connect their stable of writers to journalists and MSM.

The concept in itself is interesting, and certainly a value add component for their Authors. In a world where self-publishing has become so incredibly easy, publishers bringing more to the table seems like a smart move. Traditional services like concept vetting, editing, and distribution are still important, but there may be no greater offering to the individual Author than the Publisher’s profile building experience.

And to that end, helping Authors manufacture an image of credibility and expertise would seem to be a win-win for both sides – in the form of product sales. Could these Authors be blogging and driving their own profile? Sure, and likely some of them are. Some, but not all. Similar to our own industry, some will be web-savvy enough to drive their own profile, and some need help. Nothing wrong with that, but I like the fact that it’s the Publisher who’s creating that value.

On a related note, Nick Holmes has a thought provoking post up today on the publishing industry’s troubles. Websites like AuthorExperts may not have much of an effect on the fundamentals, but with respect to Author loyalty and the strengthening the Author-Publisher relationship, it does seems like a positive step.

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