Don’t Miss an Important Message or Bulletin: Please Whitelist Your Law Society, Insurer (And Anyone Else Important!)

Further to my post last night, we have received more than a dozen calls and e-mails from lawyers further to the fraud warning blast LAWPRO sent out Monday afternoon this week. Thankfully, that e-mail blast prevented most of these lawyers from being victims of a bad cheque fraud.

However, two of the lawyers who called didn’t get our message because their Spam filter caught our e-blast. One happened to call us for advice on how to handle a suspicious transaction further to articles he had read in past issues of LAWPRO Magazine. The other just happened come across our message when he checked his Spam filter this afternoon.

The lesson: Spam filters aren’t perfect. They sometimes catch legitimate messages – these are called false positives. Please whitelist your Law Society, malpractice carrier and anyone else that you really need or want to get messages from. And on a regular basis please check your Spam filter for messages that should not have been caught by it. It could save you from a malpractice claim.

I did mention this point at the end of my post last night, but felt that it warranted a post of its own to make sure people get this important message. No doubt, LAWPRO will get calls next week from lawyers that were victims of this fraud because they didn’t get our e-blast warning messages.


  1. Worse still, it could filter a court notice as a result of which you miss a hearing or filing:

    Court to lawyer: whitelist our domain name

    The spam folder at it