Asper Law Centre Website

The University of Toronto’s David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights has a new website. Within U of T’s Faculty of Law, the Centre is “devoted to advocacy, research and education in the areas of constitutional rights in Canada.”

At the moment the resources available via the site seem to be those culled from the normal operation of the Faculty of Law, i.e. relevant journal articles and books. There’s an interesting section on “Cross-Canada Appellate Cases,” which lists some recent cases from across the country and offers brief summaries of the issues involved. I’d recommend that they have an introduction that explains how it is that the cases are chosen for the section.

Much more interesting is the section on 36 Supreme Court Charter cases, including the scanned-in facta.

Curiously, there’s no RSS feed for the site. It’s not a blog, of course, so there wouldn’t be regular updates. Even so, it would make sense to have a feed for the various news updates that are displayed on the site.

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