From Eagan to Delhi

The venture capital press have announced that

Thomson Reuters, the leading financial news and business information company, has acquired Indlaw Communications Pvt. Ltd., a Delhi-based legal information company, for an undisclosed amount. Indlaw runs a legal, tax and regulatory information database website called

Back in 2004, Westlaw teamed with Manupatra to enter the Indian market.

Indlaw takes Eagan to a new level. The company was founded by lawyer Joseph Pookkatt in 2002, had received early stage investment from private equity firm 2i Capital, which has $200 million under management. The company provides access to information on various primary and secondary legal documents such as judgments, parliamentary and state enactments, notifications, circulars and rules, constitutional texts, parliamentary debates, to customers like law firms, solicitors, advocates, businesses and students.

“The amount of data that Indlaw has on a realtime basis is huge. They have historical data of case history and others dating back to British time, which is over 200 years old. They did this with approximately 18 people,” said Vivek Sekhar, Chairman & CEO, 2i Capital India.

INDLAW is a business-to-business Internet provider of research modules relating to Indian legal, tax, business and regulatory issues. Indlaw is part of the Indianlawonline project which was launched in April 1997 as a collaborative exercise between professionals and academicians based in U.K. and in India to build an electronic legal library to enable solicitors, advocates, students and clients to have access to information on various primary and secondary legal documents like the constitutional texts, parliamentary debates, case law, Parliamentary and State enactments and delegated legislation in both India and the U.K.
Indlaw is today a leading provider of easy-to-use comprehensive and cost-effective legal, tax and regulatory information on the Internet. Rating agencies like Alexa have confirmed that Indlaw is the most trafficked Indian legal and regulatory resource base online.

Indlaw caters to the needs of every professional, whether a lawyer, chartered accountant, company secretary, management consultant, director or an entrepreneur. Indlaw informs users of the latest changes in the legal and policy framework – faster than from any other source.

Indlaw’s legal databases include:

– Case Laws
– Legislation
– Rules
– Notifications
– Circulars
– Trade Notices
– Practice Directions
– Forms
– Reports and Proceedings
– FAQs
– Indlaw Articles
– News
– Press Notes

Curiously Eagan’s international legal resources guide is now four years out of date.


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