Dan Michaluk

I’m very pleased indeed to announce that Dan Michaluk has joined us at Slaw and will be contributing on a regular basis.

Dan Michaluk 2Dan is a Toronto lawyer who works at the management-side employment law boutique firm Hicks Morley. Dan is known at Hicks for taking a four-year surfing sojourn after his articles and says he’s given up trying to explain that he actually did do some meaningful work in business and technology in his years away from the practice. Back at Hicks since 2003, Dan now represents management in a wide-range of matters, but does a significant amount of work on information management and privacy files and a significant amount of work for Hicks Morley’s university and college sector clients.

Dan’s also a busy writer and publisher. He co-authored Canada Law Book’s recently-published An Educator’s Guide to Human Rights, Second Edition and maintains the information management and privacy blog All About Information. Dan tells me he’s eager to post here on his full range of interests, including information management and privacy, human rights and employment law, knowledge management and law practice management.

Welcome to Slaw, Dan.


  1. I’m delighted you’ve joined us, Dan! Cheers.

  2. Welcome! I admit I wondered about the lack of Hicks here.

  3. Great to hear, Dan. Congratulations!

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome. This is an honour and a challenge I hope to rise to! Dan.