Technology and Tequila

CuervoTom Shumate has a good article up on Law Practice Today titled Computers, Tequila and Hand Guns: Controlling Technology So It Doesn’t Control You. The tips he offers on managing technology are all good reminders of taking a common sense approach. See the section headers for those recommendations:

  • Double-Check Everything
  • Slow Down
  • Set boundaries
  • Schedule it
  • Monotask

The funny part for me is that I’ve met Tom at some of the LPM section events, and he’s as polite as they come. Almost Canadian. So for him to lead with a quote about “tequila and hand guns”; and then drop a reference to pot (the ‘BC boy’ in me chuckles…), made for a completely unexpected writing style. The substantive content is also worth your time, but it was fun. :)


  1. – remember which “Q”s are followed by “u”s — tequila happens to be one such (and, as we now know, Iqaluit, is not;

    – only drink tequilas that say 100% agave on the label — Jose Cuervo Especial, not being one of them

    — and when it comes to guns and tequila, not loaded is best