Bar Admissions

I love bar admission season. Here in Alberta, there is an individual admission ceremony where friends and family and firm members can hear a short roast (AKA application) and help celebrate the achievement of the newest member of the Law Society of Alberta.

It is a very happy occasion. The process to become a lawyer is not simple, and I appreciate that we still celebrate admissions individually.

Congratulations to all the new lawyers.


  1. I agree, but it should be more toast than roast, as this is a motion for admission, and the applicant (or, more accurately, the principal making the application) must demonstrate that the applicant has all the necessary qualifications — academics, integrity, etc. It is more akin to a wedding, and the oath (“…in fine, the Sovereign’s interest and that of my fellow citizens….”) brings it home. A great tradition, and for any practicing member of the Alberta bar, brings it all home again annually.