Blog by Articling Student

Remember what it was like? Articling, that is. If not — perhaps you wiped that difficult period of your life out of your memory, or perhaps you’re just getting old like me — you might like to revisit the period of indenture through the eyes of Lisa Hutch. Ms Hutch graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Faculty of Law and is now in articling rotation. And blogging it.

She kind of went off line along about November of last year, but has recently re-emerged and looks to be back in the blogging biz again. Might be fun.

(As an aside, way back in 2007 she thought she “loved” Slaw, but we never made it to her blogroll, alas. Does that mean we’re though, Lisa?)

[via Wise Law Blog]


  1. OH NO! I feel like I’ve let Slaw down! I haven’t updated by blog roll in far too long, but I now have a project for tonight.

    My apologies! I’ve been remiss … will fix immediately, and here’s hoping that the Slaw community forgives me!