Your Rights – Your Language

At TPL’s Lillian Smith Library tomorrow, Community Legal Education Ontario will be launching its new series of standard pamphlets of starter kit information for recent immigrants.

The materials, which are also available in English and French, cover the following topics:

* Children’s aid: Information for parents
* Criminal charges in Canada and your immigration status
* Do you want to sponsor your family to join you in Canada?
* Does your landlord want you to move out?
* Has your child been charged with a crime?
* Refugee claims in Canada
* Renting a place to live
* Your rights as a worker

The materials are intended to be printed and distributed by community organizations. Copyright permissions mean that anyone can make as many copies as needed. Audio versions of the eight topics can also be heard on each language page, or can be downloaded and burned.

Here are the Arabic, Chinese, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, English and French pages.

We’re pleased to recognize again the great work that CLEO does.


  1. I find this kind of work very interesting. It seems very goal-oriented. Do you know if other provinces have tried a similar approach?