Following Computers in Libraries 2010

Every year at this time librarians from across North America (and the odd one from other parts of the world) gather together in Crystal City, Arlington, VA for the Computers in Libraries conference. This year almost 1,500 delegates are attending. All aspects of technology in libraries is covered, from the computers that make the catalogue and library records hum all the way to the social media presence of libraries. Focus tends to be on service, so there is a great human element in the discussion, not just bits and bytes.

It is one of my favourite conferences, where I truly feel to be with “my tribe”. So, I’m a bit sad that I am not there. Fortunately this conference kicks up a lot of discussion on the Internet, so those of us interested can still follow along.

Here are some of the key links if you would like to stay in the loop between now and end of the conference on Wednesday!~

Photo: by Infotoday on Flickr (permission to use via Creative Commons)