Pirate Party of Canada Eligible for Official Party Status

Avast, me hearties, belay that snigger! The sons and daughters of Captain Kidd and Grace O’Malley are a plank closer to, well, having a proper plank of their own so that they can officially talk the talk. The Pirate Party of Canada has achieved “eligibility” status and seems likely to be able to field candidates a couple of months from now.

The rules respecting registration of federal political parties can be found here and are created by sections 366. – 403.42 of the Canada Elections Act (as amended in light of the Figueroa decision.

According to its website the Pirate Party of Canada is in favour of some fairly decent-seeming things, namely:

Copyright reform
Reform of the patents system
Better respect for privacy
Net neutrality
Open government
Digital sovereignty

When finally registered, the PPOC will join the following registered federal parties:

Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada
Bloc Québécois
Canadian Action Party
Christian Heritage Party of Canada
Communist Party of Canada
Conservative Party of Canada
First Peoples National Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
Libertarian Party of Canada
Marijuana Party
Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada
New Democratic Party
Newfoundland and Labrador First Party
People’s Political Power Party of Canada
Progressive Canadian Party
Rhinoceros Party
Western Block Party
Work Less Party

The much lamented Natural Law Party of Canada has voluntarily deregistered.

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