Mid-Week Meander: Volcano Photos

I interrupt regularly scheduled programming to wander us a little off course. I’ve come across a collection of three dozen stunning photographs of what I’m now referring to as the volcano in Iceland. These are amazing shots of not just the smoke and fire but also Icelanders and farms in the vicinity of the eruption. The work of Belgian photographer Olivier Vandeginste, these are well worth a five minute break for viewing. With apologies to M. Vanderginste, I offer you a small portion of one of these beauties below, just to tempt you to the originals.

UPDATE: It’s been pointed out to me by a helpful reader that I gave M. Vandeginste more credit than I should have. He’s the photographer who took the last few shots in the series. Others are identified below the photographs. And the photograph excerpted here is credited to REUTERS/Lucas Jackson.

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