Greetings From Niagara

I’m sending greetings from the CBA Conference in Niagara.

Here is a statement from Hon. Chris Bentley, Attorney-General of Ontario:

Statement from Hon. Rob Nicholson, Attorney-General of Canada:

The Hon. Rob Nicholson represents the riding of Niagara Falls where the conference was held..


  1. Thank you for taking these and sharing, Omar. I am particularly impressed with the sound quality. What were you recording with?

  2. On the Google Nexus One of course. I think the sound was more a function of proximity to the sound system, which is always a prudent move.

    But the advantage of the mobile Android OS was that I could film and upload directly to YouTube on the spot using the hotel Wi-Fi. All things considered, it was pretty convenient.

  3. That’s actually quite amazing, considering hotel wifi bandwidth is often limited. Thanks!