3 Geeks and an Elephant

The folks over at 3 Geeks and a Law Blog have come up with a novel idea for a regular blog feature, what they are calling the Elephant Series. The 3 Geeks are using these posts to explore the idea of culture in law firms. They are inviting people from different roles in firms to answer the question of the week, revealing their various perspectives on the question.

The name comes from the story of the blind men and the elephant, in which a number of blind men feel different parts of an elephant and come away with different descriptions of the elephant. The 3 Geeks hope that, by discussing the questions from different perspectives, a more complete picture of the whole will be revealed. The name is also a reference to the phrase “the elephant in the room” in which they discuss that which we usually avoid discussing with respect to law firms.

They have started the posts by having their own stable of bloggers answer the questions, but they are now hoping to further engage the industry by inviting responses to their weekly questions.

Their first posts in the series:

They are looking for guest bloggers on the next question When Does “Great” Get In The Way Of “Good”? They say:

The idea behind this question is whether the pursuit of perfection causes a paralysis in actually getting something accomplished, or as Scott eloquently puts it – “Don’t over think it, stupid!!”

To put your hand up as a guest blogger, email Greg Lambert for more details. Or add your thoughts to the comments in their Elephant Series posts.

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