Black Eyed Peas Spoil Blakes Flash Mob

For a short moment, we had some innovative law firm marketing going on with Blakes flash mob dance! The Youtube video was here. That is until lawyers for the Black Eyed Peas called copyright foul. Youtube is now displaying the infringement image below:

I say boooo to the Black Eyed Peas and Will.I.Am. It’s tough enough to get lawyers to leave their offices and walk down a couple flights of stairs for a fire drill. Can you imagine getting close to 50 of them dance in the middle of a shopping mall? Unheard of.

Happy holidays! :)


  1. Darn it… I missed it!

  2. Really? No one thought of this beforehand? No one at, ya know, Blakes?

  3. Probably this takedown will generate even more publicity for Blakes than the original stunt did, most of it relatively positive, so even if it’s an unforeseen consequence, it will probably end up being a good one.

    I’d have personally preferred they had flash-mobbed to Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name,” but that’s just me.

  4. Sorry I missed it! But rule #1 with using music for podcasts or video or whatever is to use podsafe music or get permission. I hope they can work it out because I’d like to see it!

  5. Booooo!!

    Granted, they should have gotten copyright permission before hand, but it looked like they had a great time doing this, and perhaps it was a good morale building exercise for those that participated. I’d love to hear from someone at Blakes to see who came up with the idea, who participated, and how long it took to get prepared.

  6. Is it even worth pointing out that a “flash mob” is different than a “publicity stunt,” (read: doing the same thing as Oprah is different than throwing a “silent disco.”)

    oh, b.t.w. I would still offer a “boo” to Mr. I.Am or is it just “Am?”…whatever.

  7. I support artists having the right to protect their work as they see fit. Do the people who suggest otherwise post their legal work online for anyone to copy and use?