Updates to Law-Related Movies

The most recent issue of the Canadian Law Library Review has a nice article by American attorney Sonia J Buck titled “Movie Therapy for Law Students (and Their Instructors).”

Consistent with my views, the author advocates the use of law-related movies in teaching the law to students. She draws on several movies for specific purposes (e.g., Adam’s Rib and Suspect for ethics, evidence and criminal law), North Country for employment law, and Flash of Genius for IP Law).

In hindsight, I was embarrassed to not have included the obvious choice of Flash of Genius for my law-related movies website, so I have updated my site to include that movie (along with Hart’s War, a military court martial movie), bringing the total number of law-related movies on my site to 118 movies.

I have also added reference to her book Movie Therapy for Law Students (and Pre-Law, Paralegal, and Related Majors) (Bloomington, IN: Authorhouse, 2009), along with some other books about law-related movies she cites in the article.

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