The Friday Fillip: Big Ideas, Small Screen

On Slaw we’ve pointed you to TED videos from time to time, and quite rightly: TED is a cornucopia of stimulating ideas. But here in Ontario we’ve got an online collection of thought-provoking videos that are equally worth your time. TVO offers up fifty or so excerpts from the last couple of years of its programming under the title of Big Ideas. Herewith a more or less random selection of these videos, just to give you an idea of what’s in store, if you’re shopping:

Now, I know this isn’t fare at the lighter end of the spectrum, which is usually the case in a Friday Fillip, but neither is it law, you’ll notice. And a change is as good as a rest sometimes. Right?


  1. Bergeron Clifford

    Thank you for the post Simon. I’ve been reading Slaw for a while and this is a great break from all the law related articles. I tried to watch a little bit of all the videos that you posted (I wish I had enough time to watch them beginning to end) and I would recommend people to watch Michael Persinger’s video. It’s very interesting.

    On another note, Ted presentations are still top notch.