Steve Jobs (1955 – 2011)

We mourn the passing of Steve Jobs, whose singular achievements are recounted by the HuffPost, MTV on his impact on music, Washington Post , Wired and the Daily Telegraph.

For the legal community, the perspective is slightly different. Jobs contributed to a host of patents reviewed here. Law firms toyed with Apple computers for a while in the 1980s, but currently the only firms that are using that platform tend to be IP and media law firms who are following their clients – the creative community has always loved Apple machines. And of course there are still bold pioneers in every firm who love their Apple computers and patch them into a network constructed on Microsoft code. As I look at my colleagues, I Phones are replacing BlackBerry devices as lawyers upgrade – the cool factor is tangible.

Everyone can learn from his meditation on death at Stanford shown below.




  1. Seems the link was broken. Here is the video:

    … and great to hear you and Nicole speak last Friday at the Pacific Legal Technology Conference, Simon!