Twitter Introduces New Interface

Just when we were getting used to Twitter’s new interface, along comes an even newer one. Twitter is introducing a new interface that has a consistent layout across the mobile and Internet applications. The new version is gradually being rolled out; I have seen it on the iPhone but not yet on the Internet. The iPad version is still being developed.

More information is given at

According to Kevin O’Keefe on his Real Lawyers Have Blogs blog, this redesigned Twitter will be better for lawyers. He maintains the layout is easier to use, and it is more professional in appearance:

Twitter is likely to win over more lawyers and law firms who have found Twitter difficult to use and a bit unprofessional in their minds. Twitter is already mainstream among influencers (bloggers, reporters, association leaders) of a law firm’s clients and prospective clients as well as clients themselves. These changes will get lawyers sitting in the fence as to Twitter engaged in using it.


  1. I don’t suppose Twitter paid the Ontario government to use its long-standing promotional slogan, ‘Yours to Discover’. Ontario ranks just ahead of Twitter under that slogan, though just under a photo album (whose expression claims to be trademarked, though it’s not clear for what goods or services.)

    I wonder if Ontario has a Crown mark (Trade Marks Act s. 9) for its slogan, and whether there’s any serious overlap with whatever Twitter means by its own phrase.

  2. Well, along those lines I noticed the video using that phrase (which I was going to post) has been pulled. So I’m now curious as to why!

  3. Incidentally, the new Twitter web interface appeared for me this morning. I like that I am already familiar with it from my iphone, so I don’t have to learn something new. And also the screen “footprint” is about the same, so my old background still makes sense.

    I haven’t played with it a lot yet to see if there is anything I can’t find.

    Apparently if you download the iPhone or Android app, you do get bumped up in the priority list to receive the web version. I downloaded the app on Saturday, so it took a couple of days to appear.

  4. An update: the assistant press secretary to the Ontario premier is not aware of any actions on the province’s behalf in this regard. (Via Twitter:!/LibPressSec/status/146330886932135937 )