Apple in Law Offices Survey Shows Clear Momentum for iPad, iPhone and “the Cloud”

The 2011 Apple in Law Offices Survey saw over 750 respondents provide insight on how Apple devices, ranging from the iPhone to the MacBook, are impacting the way they practice law.


Unsurprisingly, the iPad saw a huge jump in usage. In the 2010 survey, 26% of respondents used an iPad in their law office; in the 2011 survey, that figure jumped to 56%. The remaining 44% of lawyers without an iPad apparently don’t plan on going without one for long: 71% of respondents were considering purchasing iPads for their law office in the next year:


On the mobile front, iPhone and Android continued to surge in usage at the expense of BlackBerry and Palm:

The Cloud

Cloud-based applications work across iPhone, iPads, Macs and PCs alike, and the 2011 Apple in Law Offices Survey shows cloud-based applications are rapidly becoming an integral part of Apple-using law firms.

The top 5 cloud-based applications were:

  • Dropbox (used by 26% of respondents)
  • Clio (used by 22% of respondents)
  • Google Apps (used by 16% of respondents)
  • iCloud (used by 15% of respondents)
  • (used by 5% of respondents)

Popular Desktop-based Applications

The top 5 desktop applications used by respondents were:

  • Microsoft Office (used by 38% of respondents)
  • iWork (used by 38% of respondents)
  • Evernote (used by 14% of respondents)
  • Parallels (used by 9% of respondents)
  • OpenOffice (used by 7% of respondents)

Why Lawyers Choose Apple

Why are lawyers continuing to “go Apple”? 46.5% of respondents said they chose Apple hardware over PC options because the technology was more reliable and secure. Usability was next on at 33.8%. Familiarity due to home use of Apple/Mac products was 9.8%, and surprisingly aesthetics and design came in fourth at only 3%.

The Apple in Law Offices Survey is co-sponsored by Clio and MILOfest.

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