Summer Writing List

July has brought some relief to my workload. A few major projects have moved to the done list and there are only 5 items on my July projects list. Connie’s Summer Reading List is a great idea, but I can’t copy it, so I have decided to create a Summer Writing List.

My writing list has been rattling the cage for some time now. It consists of material that is frequently requested by lawyers in my office and will be crafted for use by my law firm. Can you guess what it is?

A hint: there are not enough annotated Acts published for those of us outside Ontario.

My plan is to use the information conveniently available on CanLII through their links to case law when statutes have a table of contents, and marry that with internal research memos, homegrown legislative histories, and a partial table of concordance to create an annotated Alberta Insurance Act. Though the outcome of this project will be available within my organization, I promise to publish the steps to creating this document. Thanks to my firm’s forward thinking view to technology, I should be able to push this out in a secure manner to our mobile device users as a tool they can use offline on their tablets.

Do you have a summer writing project?


  1. That sounds great, Shaunna! Very KM-oriented too. I look forward to hearing more.

    I see three writing projects on my horizon:

    Revamping the content on my business website. It was created when I first put out my shingle in 2008 and hasn’t really been updated since, and does not really reflect my current work.

    I have a couple of presentations coming up and am also trying to follow Ted’s example (again) by writing papers to accompany them so that people have something substantial after the fact.

    Also at the back of my brain is the thought of another book, but not sure what!

  2. Emma Durand-Wood

    Fantastic idea, Shaunna. When I was working in BC, we were fortunate enough to have some very fine commercially published annotated acts, but there were never enough of them. If I had a dollar for every time a student or lawyer wondered whether there was an annotated such-and-such act, and I had to tell them, “Sorry, there isn’t”, I’d be rich!

    Very interested to read your follow-up piece explaining the process. I imagine you’ll also be planning for how to keep the beast updated, too? Great project!