Apple Continues to Gain Momentum in Law Offices

Clio’s third annual Apple in Law Offices Survey is a wrap with over 1,200 respondents. The survey’s results show Apple products, ranging from the iPad to MacBooks, are rapidly increasing in popularity among lawyers.


The iPad continues to be a game-changing device for lawyers: over 57% of respondents indicated they currently use an iPad in their law office. Of those that don’t, nearly 60% planned on purchasing an iPad in the next year:

Enthusiasm for the recently-announced iPad mini was also high: 23% of respondents indicated they plan to purchase an iPad mini in the next twelve months.


On the mobile front, the iPhone continues to see broad usage with a 62% adoption rate; Android places a strong second place at a nearly 25% adoption rate. iPhone and Android have made gains at RIM’s expense: Blackberry adoption is only at 7%, down dramatically from 28% in the 2010 Apple in Law Offices Survey.


The cloud and Apple’s suite of mobile phones and tablets make a natural team — so much so that Apple released their own cloud storage and synchronization service, iCloud. The top 5 cloud-based applications utilized by survey respondents are:

  • Dropbox (used by 26% of respondents)
  • Clio (used by 26% of respondents)
  • iCloud (used by 16% of respondents)
  • Google Apps (used by 15% of respondents)
  • QuickBooks Online (used by 5% of respondents)

Desktop Apps

The top 5 desktop apps were:

  • Microsoft Office (used by 45% of respondents)
  • Evernote (used by 16% of respondents)
  • iWork ((used by 11% of respondents))
  • Parallels (used by 9% of respondents)
  • VMWare Fusion (used by 4% of respondents)


  1. Jack, thanks for this. Where can we find a description of the survey methodology?

  2. Jack, selection is most most reassuring, particularly as it represents about 90% of my own practice toolkit! Thanks.

  3. Did the survey also take into account other tablets such as Android and Windows 8 based tablets?

    I’m curious if law offices will begin to use these technologies as well or if the iPad has settled in and created an insurmountable advantage.

    Occasionally we receive requests to create a Windows desktop version of our popular iPad app iJuror and Windows 8 provides a unique opportunity to create the same app for Windows desktops and tablets.