Bodleian Twelve (Legal) Days of Christmas

It’s the festive season, which seems to free things up a little from the routines that otherwise govern our lives. It certainly has done that at Oxford’s Bodleian Law Library blog, Law Bod. They’re already in day three of “Twelve (Legal) Days of Christmas.” If you know the carol, you’ll know that day three involves French hens. What fowl français could have to do with law only a law library can tell you. So go take a look. You’ll want to catch up, too, with the Partridge in a Pear Tree (distress damage feasant? Rylands and Fletcher?) and Two Turtle Doves.

And even if you’re indifferent to holiday arcana, you should get to know the Law Bod blog, the source of a great deal of useful and interesting information twelve months of the year.


  1. Wonderful, Simon. The series I guess has become a 9-day wonder … but promises to be fascinating, not just in how they’re going to do some of the gifts but the legal content.