Tips for Building a Better LinkedIn Profile

When was the last time you tweaked or updated your LinkedIn profile? Unfortunately, “never” or “not recently” is the most probable answer for the majority of lawyers. In a day and age where almost every prospective or new client will check you out online, a solid LinkedIn profile is one of the key foundations to an online social brand. And if you are not otherwise active on the web or in social media, it is the one place you probably should be.LinkedIn
For those that would like to tweak their LinkedIn profile, a hat tip to Ernie Svenson for pointing out Social Branding: How To Create The Perfect LinkedIn Profile Blueprint, a great post by Gerry Moran on
It has some great practical tips for building a better LinkedIn profile, some of them in a helpful infographic.
And if you are wanting to do more with LinkedIn, you can find even more tips in this Tech Tip article from LAWPRO Magazine: Essential Dos and Dont’s for LinkedIn users.
Go and tweak your LinkedIn profile – remember your potential clients are deciding whether to retain you based on its content.


  1. I know talking with lots of lawyers in small firms that many don’t see much value in Linked In. A simple benefit that is often overlooked though, is that when a prospective client searches on the internet, rather than typing in your firm name, they may well type in your name.

    This is often the situation where you have been mentioned to them and they are then going to the internet to find out more about you, before making contact. If you have a good Linked In profile, this will be easily found and may well make the difference as to whether you get a call or not.