The Student Edition of LAWPRO Magazine

For over 10 years LAWPRO Magazine has provided Ontario lawyers with a wealth of practice management and claims prevention content. It is delivered (in paper or electronic format) to every practicing lawyer in Ontario.

In 2012 LAWPRO decided to extend the reach of the magazine beyond lawyers already in practice to the law schools on Ontario. At first it was a magazine stand featuring the LAWPRO brand and the latest regular issue of the magazine, but the idea quickly evolved to creating a student-focused issue of the magazine. We wanted to a) introduce students to LAWPRO and what we do b) get the risk management message instilled as early in these new lawyers careers as possible and c) provide content that would be of particular interest to students and new lawyers.

The result was the first issue of the Student Edition of LAWPRO Magazine. It featured such articles as 20 Tips for a Successful Transition from Student to Lawyer, LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts for Law Students and What I Wish I Knew in Law School, written by LAWPRO’s articling students.

We plan for the student edition to be an annual issue, and students can look forward to the next copy this fall at all the Ontario law schools.

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