Proroguing Parliament When?

When someone says that they will do something, I expect them to do it. Call me naïve, call me impatient, both are likely true. Back on August 20, The Canadian Press/Global News shared that Prime Minister Harper was intending to prorogue Parliament.

The official prorogation proclamation will be published in Canada Gazette Part II. Usually when prorogation is decided outside the publication schedule of the Gazette (which is every second Wednesday for Part II), it is done with an EXTRA issue. There were EXTRAs published with prorogation in September of 2007, September of 2002, and September of 1999. A search of the Gazette for the word prorogue is illustrative.

I wonder when we will see the prorogation in the Canada Gazette Part II? It seems to me the distance between the ‘I will’ and the “I did” is a bit long.


  1. Michael (Mickey) Posluns

    I would agree with Shaunna but I also need to ask what would make one expect the present Prime Minister to respect a procedural right such as the publication in the Canada Gazette Part II of prorogation? Does his respect for Charter rights lead one to expect a corresponding right for statutory and customary rights? Or is it his Government’s respect for Aboriginal and treaty rights under section 35 that suggests he would want to pursue customary and statutory rights with the same diligence?

    Just thought I would ask.

    Mickey Posluns.