Notes From Washington, DC

First I want to share the good news with you. The new Law Librarian of Congress, Jane Sanchez, started her new position the second week in February. You can find out more about her stellar qualifications here. And the weather in DC continues to be moderate with spring flowers emerging very early.

The bad news just keeps on coming, so I will share only some with you. The new administration has posted inaccurate texts of the President’s orders on their website. And much scientific and other information is disappearing from US agency websites. But even more disturbing is the looming constitutional crisis if the President’s advisors continue to ignore the oversight role of the judiciary. Read how 11 Top Constitutional Law Experts React to White House Stephen Miller’s Rejection of “Judicial Supremacy” .

I’ll end with a link to a brief blog post about why librarians are essential to academic research and how to use their resources wisely. Entitled Hidden Figures, the post refers to that wonderful movie Hidden Figures. We law librarians are working to stop being called “hidden resources”.

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