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New Columnists, New Format Coming

In just over two weeks’ time we’ll be changing the design and layout of Slaw. It’s been three years since our last makeover, so we’re due to be visually freshened up.

But more exciting is the fact that we’ll be introducing many new columnists and giving them, well, a column of their own. We’ve sought out experts to write for you on a number of broad themes. You can expect a column a week on each of the following: the Practice of Law, Legal Technology, Outsourcing, Legal Marketing, Legal Information, Justice Issues, and Legal Publishing. As well, of course, our . . . [more]

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Tomorrow’s Texts

From time to time we let our columnists here at Slaw take a break, if they’ve been good… and if Your Editor has something he’d like to say and wants the column inches for himself. Herewith, then, the first of the very occasional “ed hoc” columns.

You can’t manage a WordPress blog for four years and not think a fair bit about electronic publication. But it’s surprising how easy it is to get caught up in day-to-day matters and to let the functionality that working on the web makes available slip beneath your awareness. And what marvels these . . . [more]

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