Current Cites

Current Cites, the excellent online annotated bibliography on information technology is now 15 years old. Roy Tennant, the editor, reminds us of this remarkable fact in an email to subscribers today. It seems amazing that the whole internet thing has been going for even more years than that.


  1. Also FYI to readers, Roy Tennant is a confirmed speaker at the NetSpeed 2005 conference in Edmonton on October 19 – 21, 2005.

    He is also at the Access 2005 pre-conference on October 17th – 19th, 2005.

    I may or may not make it to Edmonton this fall, but if I do, Roy Tennant will be on the top of my reason list. If you’re a Librarian and Roy Tennant isn’t a hero to you, there’s something wrong. The man just ‘get’s it’.