Go Connie Go!

For those of us who watched Connie Crosby as she blogged & photo-blogged both last year’s CALL & SLA conferences, well… She’s baaa-aaaak! :-)

Live from San Jose at the KM World and Intranets 2005 conference, Connie is pushing her way through the exhibits and taking many photos and session notes along the way.

You too can follow along at home! And really, short of attending, Connie’s conference blogging is fast becoming the next best thing!


  1. It was quite strange at TechShow in March to have the session that Rick Klau, Ron Friedmann and I did (on Web-Based Collaboration) blogged in real time. One of the hardcore bloggers from the Bloggers’ Ball the night before was blogging our talk, and then posting it in real time, over the wireless network.
    It was surreal when we were then able to display the whole thing live from the podium.

  2. Thanks, Steve! Unfortunately the only live web connections are outside of the conference rooms, so unfortunately it is still a bit asynchronous. But I have been keying in my notes and hope to post them over the next several days.

    Access to power is also at a premium, so between sessions everyone is gathered around the conference centre’s few electrical outlets recharging their batteries. Definitely worth investing in a laptop with longer battery life if I’m going to be blogging conferences. Or, at least buying a power bar to encourage a little more sharing.