Check Up From the Neck Up

Our mental health is something we often neglect or try to ignore, despite increasing risks in our stressful modern lives. A pilot project spearheaded by the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario and a number of other health organizations is looking to increase awareness about our mental health with their website Check Up from the Neck Up, launched today.

The website features a diagnostic questionnaire which “funnels” the participant into additional questions to investigate possible areas of concern. The questionnaire was developed by the Department of Psychiatry at Sunnybrook and Women’s Health Sciences Centre which, incidentally, have divided as of April 1st. There is also related information on mood disorders. This website is a pilot project, intended to be open from April to June only, expected to attract about 300,000 visitors. For those in the Toronto area, the site includes a list of psychiatrists willing to give follow-up assessment and treatment services as part of the campaign in the “Get Help” section of the site. Oh, and don’t miss the jingle.

The City of Toronto has also proclaimed this week, April 3 – 7, 2006, as Check Up from the Neck Up Week.

For lawyers, judges and law students, don’t forget the Canadian Bar Association’s LPAC (Legal Profession Assistance Conference) was also created to help you and your family with personal, emotional, health and lifestyle issues. From their website:

Recognition is growing among lawyers that practising law is exacting and can take a heavy toll emotionally, mentally and physically and sometime financially. As well as providing assistance when lawyers experience distress, professional counselling can help before a personal problem has a negative impact on one’s personal and professional life.

Don’t wait. LPAC has a 24-hour helpline to provide confidential assistance or guidance: 1.800.667.5722 .

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