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Larry Lessig Meets the Joyce Estate

Much fun though Bloomsday and the Joycean post was, Simon, you missed the deeper legal relevance for Slaw of the entire event.

Curiously, this is best explored in an interesting discussion of how Stephen James Joyce, James Joyce’ grandson who controls the writer’s estate, has used copyright threats to deal with writers and scholars. The article is in this week’s New Yorker – an odd place for an informed discussion of the consequences of lengthening copyright terms But then the New Yorker has long had a reputation for publishing thoughtful pieces on legal issues – Charles Reich and Jeffrey Toobin . . . [more]

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Searching Within Government Sites

It’s always been frustrating that the search engines associated with government portals seem less than helpful – searchers used to the relevance rankings of Google or Copernic can get frustrated by the interminable lists that are offered by the federal government portal.

Now Google has announced that it’s launched a website to help you navigate around all those federal sites in WashingtonDon’t overlook the FAQs.. It is competing with the official federal portal, which is is powered by Google competitors MSN Search and Vivisimo.

For more information, see Information Week , and Search Engine Watch, which . . . [more]

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TUNKHANNOCK – for Sale: 8,000 Legal Reference Books. Bring Your Own Fork Lift.

Readers of the Tunkhannock, PA, New Age Examiner have been offered the contents of the County’s Law Library – made obsolete by online access apparently.

E-Bay didn’t solicit any bids either.

Today, Tunkhannock, tomorrow where? . . . [more]

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A First Amendment Site

Good to have solid links to writings on freedom of speech. I like what the Poynter Institute is doing – while it’s focussed on student journalists, the site is first rate.

For all that Wex, the legal wiki, seemed like a good idea at the time, its own entry on free speech is a bit anti-climactic.

For lawyers, the First Amendment Center’s caselinks are usefulThe Canadian equivalent is slightly dated, and one hopes that Canlii will update it.. And Findlaw has a very useful set of annotations.

And don’t overlook the First Amendment Project and the American Library . . . [more]

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Insightful Piece on SCC

In this month’s Canadian LawyerCanadian Lawyer, the Right Honourable Beverley McLachlin, PC Chief Justice of Canada gives a candid and insightul interview about the role of the Supreme Court of Canada.

I can’t think of a similar interview by a Chief Justice – it seems that the spotlight on Justice Rothstein may have also served to encourage a broader dialogue. . . . [more]

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Knowledge Management: Audit

I enjoyed the two day Arc conference last week in Toronto on KM (nice to meet you in person, Connie!), and heard about a lot of projects that are forward looking and exciting. One debate that I found interesting was the distinction between “information” and “knowledge”. Some participants ignore the distinction and treat it all the same; others were fastidious about the distinction. My own view at this stage is that there is a significant distinction between the two concepts but considerable confusion. One speaker suggested that information remains information until a recipient receives it, analyzes it and acts upon . . . [more]

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“Slow Law”: La Lenteur Des Blawges Civilistes

La semaine passée, sur le blogue de slaw, Steven Matthews faisait état du retard des juristes francophones à embarquer dans la blogosphère. Je ne voudrais pas revenir sur les arguments alors débattus; en fait, si, un peu, car il m’apparaît utile de chercher quelques essais d’explications sur la particularité du juriste civiliste qui, tant au Québec qu’en France, n’est pas très prompt à utiliser le blogue pour partager, pour se faire connaître.

D’abord, le juriste s’intéresse par définition au droit, un domaine qui, par essence, peut ou doit être vu comme une science de la réaction. Le droit est . . . [more]

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Bill Gates Is Downsizing His Role at Microsoft

Thursday Bill Gates announced his plans for transitioning out of his current hands-on role at Microsoft . From (June 15, 2006):

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced Thursday that he will move out of a day-to-day role at the company to spend more time with his charitable foundation.

The giant software company announced a two-year transition process to ensure that there is a “smooth and orderly transfer” of Gates’ daily responsibilities. After July 2008, Gates will continue to serve as the company’s chairman and as an adviser on key development projects.

. . . [more]
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The Changing World of Work: iPods More Popular Than Beer?

The 2006 Lifestyle & Media survey by Student Monitor shows that iPods are now considered the most popular thing on campus, outweighing beer. USA Today reported on the findings on June 6th. Following beer was, then drinking other types of alcohol, and in fifth place was text messaging. Most of us by now realize the generation coming up through school have a different focus on technology, but I don’t know that we realize just how pervasive this is. How this will affect the learning and working styles of a new generation of lawyers and librarians remains . . . [more]

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