India – More on the Web?

I was doing some historical research on the law of India today. This library is well off for old law reports but many are not and I wondered if any SLAWers had thoughts about agitating to see more of this material made available online. India is of course the largest Commonwealth federation with a constitution similar to that of Australia, Pakistan, Malaysia and Nigeria (between coups anyway) and of increasing reference in comparative constitutional research, among other fields. Although recent Indian cases and legislation are increasingly well covered online there’s not much historical depth. As anyone who has tried to use them will know, the Indian Digests are terrible to work with. I’ve mentioned to Hein and others over the years how great it would be to have the full text of the All India Reports available online. So far no-one seems to have taken me seriously. Maybe we can get a movement going…


  1. The interface to Judis isn’t any great shakes, and the texts are the simplest of ASCII, but at least some of the content is at
    I did get one piece of work back in the Spring which led me to believe that there was a complete electronic archive of legislation, since the Indian Christian Marriages Act, 1872 was available – and that’s pre-Independence with a vengeance.
    Perhaps we should ask the Librarian at the National Law School at Bangalore to comment.

  2. I have already sent in mail to the query sent to me. This is with reference to This is a government web site. You will get Supreme Court Cases as well as to know the status of a current case which is in the Supreme Court of India. You will also get all legislations here. But, it is easier to access at and There are some other web sites as well as CD-ROM based databases both free as well as Subscription based databases. If would like to know more kindly let me know.


    C U Navalgund

  3. Thank you so much Mr. Navalgund, and welcome to Slaw. Mr. Navalgund is the Chief Librarian at the National Law School in Bangalore. See

  4. My wife’s nephew Sushil Jacob (who’s a graduate of the National Law School) forwarded these thoughts (right from the business centre of bomb-shaken Mumbai):

    On your query about online resources, the best one available is a subscription site like Lexis. It’s link is It has statutes, rules and of course case law. It used to be only from 1950 but I understand that that they are pushing back to an earlier period as well. You can find about subscriptions on their website, though there is no online registration. As of now AIR is not available online but if I am not mistaken you can subscribe to get it on a CD. The publisher is a company called Wadhwa and Co. I am sure that you can get this online.

    Sushil Jacob

    As a matter of fact, the website of Wadhwa is unfortunately under construction on the very bits that would most interest Slaw readers: see