The Friday Fillip

This week’s fillip may be a little too much like work. If so, I apologize. I’ll spend the weekend working on being frivolous to see if I can improve things for next time.

The deal is that Which Canadian Supreme Court Justice Are You gives you opinion snippets for 10 SCC Charter decisions. Elect the snippet for each judgment that most closely matches your view of what’s correct or right, and Matthew Skala‘s device comes up with the name of the judge whose views most nearly mirror your own. As he himself acknowledges, the site is a little outdated now — but then so am I, so I don’t mind.

I know this is the closest I’ll get to judicial office, let alone benchly apotheosis. Of course, if you think you’ve got a shot at the real thing, don’t bother with this fantasy.


  1. Hilarious – I seem to be Louise Arbour. Fess up Simon, who are you?