Best Government Document Titles Ever!

The good people over at Free Government Information consulted members on the govdoc-l listserv on what they thought were the best government document titles they had come across. Many of the selections come with cover photos (the photos are from the Web2.0 application Flickr)

Among the picks:

  • Everything you always wanted to know about shipping high-level nuclear wastes
  • Index of blank forms
  • Know your 8-inch Howitzer
  • National Money Laundering Strategy
  • A winning combination: wild horses and prison inmates

The list includes a Canadian document entitled “Who Are the Zombie Masters and What Do They Want?” (a document about health user fees).

It might be fun to come up with an entirely Canadian list of, shall we say, “interesting” or ambiguous govdoc titles. In my Government Documents class during the MLIS programme at McGill University, I remember the prof showing us a government cookbook full of recipes from the Maritime provinces. I can’t recall the name but it had something to do with fish and seals (it included a Newfoundland recipe for seal flipper pie! Um, um, good).

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