McLeans as Grey Literature

The various postings on grey literature have been highly interesting and informative. I don’t know whether it comes within the definition (such as it is) but I find regular reading of news magazines an extremely useful current awareness sources, as well as a treasure trove of all sorts of information about interesting developments in the law. Presiding over a major academic law library (and its acquisitions budget) gives me an advantage here in terms of the range of titles we can sunscribe to (and to me in that I get them routed to me first for subway reading) however I’d recommend the following as being particularly valuable: McLeans (of course, it’s Canadian), the New Yorker (for the marvellous indepth articles like the recent one on Wikipedia as well as the great cartoons), The Spectator (from the UK) and The Bulletin (from Australia – I’m biased of course but it is a wonderful publication). Also the various major book review publications which review law and government-related titles on occasion (and I often pick up something through these that I miss elsewhere. There are others of course, like the Atlantic Monthly and Harpers and doubtless others have personal favourites. It may not come under the heading of grey lit, but its great lit and a great way to keep informed.


  1. These are all good suggestions, Nick. Especially the New Yorker, which has great articles, particularly on law albeit US law. I personall don’t find McLeans very satisfactory, particularly with the demise of Saturday Night. For purely Canadian material, or articles from a Canadian perspective, I prefer the English language publication “The Walrus”

  2. One misses the Canadian Forum, where once these type of articles would naturally have been published.

    I’ve also had occasion to link here to the New York Review of Books.

    For England The Lawyer and the Legal Pages of The Times, Telegraph and Independent are still better than the Spectator, and put to shame any Wednesday pages at the Globe and Mail or National Post.

  3. I actually agree about McLeans but as an Aussie in Canada didn’t want to appear unsupportive of my adopted home.

  4. I was going to make a flip comment about the Pengelleys being as Cornish as they come, only to see that Trent’s Library has the Pengelley Archives –

  5. I should also but a plug in for “Geist” subtitled the “Magazine of Canadian Ideas and Culture”

    Locally in Victoria, of course, there is world renowned Victoria “Times-Colonist” (formerly the “Daily Colonist” and I ain’t kiddin) Latest controversies include broken sidewalks, stolen shopping carts, too many signs on the highway, and bicycle lanes.

  6. A second vote on this end for “The Walrus”! Clever post, Nick.