A Day in the Life of a Law Librarian

Courtesy of Todd BennettWest Coast head librarian for Thelen Reid & Priest here is what’s been filling his days in dog-familiar August

The list wouldn’t be that off North of the 49th parallel:

Teaching young attorneys how to do legal research in the real world

Warning summer associates about are the drawbacks of Googleization

Meeting with the firm’s chief information officer, to whom our library directly reports

Approving this week’s batch of library invoicesHe notes two myths:

There are two modern myths that many of us grew up with that I find are complete lies. One myth is that computers would do all of our work for us, thus giving us more leisure time. Not true. In fact, computers seem to have given us a way to do more while doing it better. The other myth is that computers would lead to the paperless office and that online would replace print. Again, not true. I had thought as the future progressed, we would be able to eliminate print sources as they became available in an electronic format.. When it comes to negotiating major contracts, such as Lexis and Westlaw, he favours using third-party consultants to help negotiate the contracts

Again the clash of law, learning and technology, this is the new stuff – we go dancing in.


  1. What a great article–thank you for pointing it out. Using a consultant to help negotiate vendor contracts is a growing trend in the U.S. I do not know of anyone doing this yet for law firm libraries in Canada. Has anyone else heard of one?