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Archive for August, 2006 is an internet portal on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development. It contains a selection of relevant online documents and resources related to IPRs and sustainable development including a guide to IPRs, proposals submitted to the WTO, discussion papers classified by topics, a calendar of IPRs related events, latest news on IPRs, and links to listservs and relevant institutions working on IPRs.
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Slaw’s Second Theme Week

It’s my pleasure to announce that Slaw will have its second theme week starting Monday, August 7 — yes, the Monday that’s holiday Monday for most of the country. The theme is grey legal literature and our theme leader is the redoubtable Michael Lines, Slawyer and Law Librarian and Information Coordinator / Biblioth√©caire et coordonnateur de l’information at the Canadian Forum on Civil Justice / Forum canadien sur la justice civile in Edmonton.

Grey lit is a very broad concept, which, until Michael focuses us more precisely, might be said to comprise online literature that’s neither available through one . . . [more]

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A Grand Day for Slaw

I’ve been watching the dial creep up – like a teenager wondering if they’ll be in a car when the odometer clicks over.

And Slaw’s Grand Day is upon us. A thousand posts is a respectable number, by any one’s count.

So a few thanks –

First to Simon Fodden – the other Simon – whose brain child this was, and who has stuck with us through thick and thin, and dedicated his significant technical and cultural skills to making this networked community work.

To our Slaw core, who’ve exposed their brains, their passions – and their quirks –

. . . [more]
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The Lawyer as Poet

At my wife’s library, the new books contained one by an unexpected author – at least in the poetry section – Lazar Sarna

Lazar Sarna’s He Claims He Is the Direct Heir$14.95 paper 0-88984-282-3, 72 pp., 6 x 9, The Porcupine’s Quill, Nov. 2005 introduces a new tone of voice into Canadian poetry. It is wry and droll, an unexpected melange of Jewish humour and Surrealism.

This led me to wonder about other lawyer poets – I guess that many of the Slaw Readers who slogged through Professor Black’s tome on Admiralty Law never knew about his other life as . . . [more]

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Legal Drafting for Every Eventuality

This morning’s TimesCuriously, the clause has been floating around since at least 2002. is reporting on a clause from a financing – for those trying to read it on a BlackBerry, it reads:

Upon the occurrence of the end of the world before full payment and performance of the Notes and Drafts, the Notes and Drafts, at the option of the Required Banks, will become immediately due and payable in full and may be enforced against the Company by any available terrestrial, extra terrestrial or spiritual procedure. For remedial purposes and for purposes of determining the relative equities

. . . [more]
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Librarians Know – They Really Do

A nice story in today’s Australian by a philosopher, Cordelia Fine, on starts with how librarians can predict academic success.

Every year, with near-perfect accuracy, a librarian working in a university library would predict which third-year undergraduates would be awarded first-class degrees.

She didn’t know how their essays were rated, what grades they had under their belts, or how they scored on IQ tests. (All information many would say was essential to forecasting final results.)

All she knew was how often she had seen students in the department library: reading course notes, photocopying journals, borrowing books. And the

. . . [more]
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EV-DO Provides High Speed Access

Earlier in the year I wrote about my EV-DO PC card – which I still use as a way to stay in touch with the office and the world when traveling across Canada. I have not used it extensively in the US given current roaming rates — but I have used it in a pinch when I could not find a good WI-FI connection or anything else.

More recently, though, we had the opportunity to check out an EV-DO router companion product to the card. Picture this, you put your EV DO PC card into the router and create an . . . [more]

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Stats Can Releases Internet Use Study

A major study released from Ottawa this morning surveys how Canadians’ use of the Internet is affecting the rest of their lives. It’s by Ben Veenhof who is with the Science, Innovation and Electronic Information Division at Statistics Canada.

One paper says that it has dispelled an urban myth which implied that internet users are normal people.

Among the findings:

Although the Internet potentially displaces time spent on traditional sources of information and entertainment, Internet users were avid consumers of other media.

In fact, heavy Internet users spent essentially the same time watching television as non-users and both heavy and

. . . [more]
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Research Skills to Be Tested on US Bar Exams?

Nancy Soonpaa writes:

According to the May 2006 issue of The Bar Examiner, the National Conference of Bar Examiners is looking at the need for and feasibility of testing legal research skills and “is at the first stage in allowing the idea of such an evaluation to germinate . . . our inquiry is expected to last through the next year.”

The article indicates that the NCBE folks are working with academic law librarians to investigate the possibilities.

Found at the Legal Writing Prof Blog.

How do Canadian and American bar exams compare in their testing of legal . . . [more]

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Best Government Document Titles Ever!

The good people over at Free Government Information consulted members on the govdoc-l listserv on what they thought were the best government document titles they had come across. Many of the selections come with cover photos (the photos are from the Web2.0 application Flickr)

Among the picks:

  • Everything you always wanted to know about shipping high-level nuclear wastes
  • Index of blank forms
  • Know your 8-inch Howitzer
  • National Money Laundering Strategy
  • A winning combination: wild horses and prison inmates

The list includes a Canadian document entitled “Who Are the Zombie Masters and What Do They Want?” (a document about health user . . . [more]

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